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'Kevin Millward is not only one of the finest potters in the country; he is also a marvellous teacher.  Showing us so many useful techniques and tips, his very lively and exhaustive demonstration had us all so enthralled throughout the evening.

As if by magic, within seconds, pot after pot appeared effortlessly on the potters wheel with precise explanations of every step of the making process.'


Dacorum & Chiltern Potters Guild Newsletter              Issue 12  Spring 2014

'The day proved to be an extraordinary imparting of technical knowledge from a potter who has spent decades developing a deep understanding of the process of glazing ands ways of achieving success.  His audience's level of knowledge was mixed, with some attendees exhibiting high levels of technical understanding while others had far less knowledge and limited experience.'


Midlands Potters Newsletter  Issue 214                           June/July2014 

'I have been playing with clay for a couple of years and done various courses with different teachers. I learnt more on this course than I have on all of my other courses! The tutor, Kevin, was able to answer all questions posed to him, he is certainly passionate about his subject and takes the time to explain each process used throughout the day. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of ceramics and easily handled the different abilities in the class.' 


Potclays Basic Throwing Course                                                       April 2016

Video Tutorials


I give workshops to potters groups on all aspects of ceramics and am happy to discuss your requirements. 

Please contact me via for prices and availability.

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